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Electrolab Opens in Boerne
10/20/2015 12:54:10 PM by The Chamber
A privately-owned corporation founded in 1976, Electrolab has grown over the past 40 years into a leading innovator in the engineering and manufacturing of industrial electronics, sensors and controllers for the oil and gas, water management, and industrial control industries.

• 40 year history (2016) of providing Innovative, Quality, Reliable solutions to
  industry. Due to a relentless focus on quality and safety, Electrolab's 10 year
  Warranty rate averages .28%.
• Built a 32,000 sq ft state of the art engineering and manufacturing corporate
  headquarters, moved in May 2015 (16,000 sq ft manufacturing, 16,000 sq ft office
  space and working labs).
• Over a $5 million dollar investment in the building.
• Previously located in San Antonio near the airport.
• Sales and Marketing office in the Woodlands, Texas.
• Current business segments:
    o Sensors
        • Energy Sector: Since 2013, Electrolab has built a robust distribution channel,
          with many of the top distributors in the country. This channel represents
          approximately 400 U.S.locations.
        • Work directly or indirectly with many of the top energy companies in
          the world, including Devon Energy, Anadarko Petroleum, Conoco Phillips,
          BHP Billiton, Apache Corporation and many others.
    o Controls
        • Electrolab provides electronic controls for many top original equipment                     manufacturers (OEM's)in various sectors around the world. These include
          OEM's in the water purification, food & beverage and power safety            
          industries. Included in this is being a long-term supplier of advanced
          rain gauge technology for the Edwards Aquifer Authority.
• High Tech Applications- Electrolab designs and builds all electronics in-house
    o One of the few companies that can manufacture its own Printed Circuit                       Boards (PCB), flexible circuit boards and all electronic components. In recent
       years, Electrolab has invested over $500K to provide this capability in-house.
    o On October 27, 2015, Electrolab will announce the creation of a subsidiary,
       Electrolab Treatments, which will provide state-of-the-art technologies to solve
       commercial challenges caused by organic and inorganic buildup on key
       components. These offerings include nanotechnology-based solutions and other
       newly developed solutions, created by Electrolab and many of the top universities
       around the world.
• Employ 36 skilled associates- engineers, professional positions, skilled and certified
  manufacturing technicians
• Average tenure of our associates is over 11 years of service.
• Average salaries exceed market value.
• Economic impact on Boerne and Kendall County is estimated to be over $20 million
  over the next 10 years.
• Community involvement-At the Electrolab Grand Opening on October 27th, 2015, the
  company will continue its focus on community involvement by making generous
  donations to the Boerne lSD CTE Department for its Stem program, Roy Maas
  Alternative (Meadowlands) and the Wounded Warrier Project.
• Website: Electrotabcontrols.com (After November lsr, El_ectrolabTreatments.com will
   be available)

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